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Glosoap & The Team


Our Mission & The founders

Our mission it to rid the world of grime. To liberate parents from sticky hands, items, and doors. To finally be able to once again own white, yes anything white, the walls, a couch, a sweater, etc. FUN! We want them to have fun! But, most of all, we want to prevent your kids from getting sick. We want them to learn and carry throughout their whole life the gift of hygiene. Fewer sick days, fewer days off work! A healthy child and a healthy family.

The founders

-Julian is an Ex-OLED company chemist with 2 Masters degrees in quantum light capture Inventor of GloSoap and brother to a 13 year old!

-Karan is a Materials Science Ph.D. and ex-NASA scientist. He has developed advanced materials for deep space missions rocket engines. He is currently a senior engineer at a startup in Silicon Valley. 

Psychology of habits:

  • Habits you practice at home are habits you take with you
  • The more fun the task the easier it is to become a habit
  • Share it with others and make it a habit in your community

Founded in a Basement

Happy Families and Counting

Hardworking People in Our Office


Given to Charity in the Last Year

Meet the Team


Julian Fanghanel

CEO & Co-Founder


Karan Doss

COO & Co-Founder

Could be you


Director of Marketing

Could be you

Intern 2

Director of Social Media


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really glow like in the pictures?

Absolutely! The intensity will vary depending on how much soap you use, and how far away the black light is, so be sure to keep it no more than 2ft away.

Is it safe?

Yes! The special dye we use is FDA approved! Plus we try to use the least amount of ingredients to keep our soaps as pure as possible for your little ones!

Will my kids like it?

Yes! We have many families that have incorporated our soaps as part of their daily lives. After soccer practice, before bedtime, and all others, any time is GloSoap Time!

Where can I buy it?!

We are currently selling only online. Just order with the link and join the GloSoap Family!

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